Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New York? Again?

So I think I've decided on my top four choices for continued education after leaving Mason. 1. University College of London 2. Stanford 3. Columbia 4. New York University. Yes, great. They're all in ridiculously expensive places. Awesome.
You might be wondering, after I did so much complaining about New York while I lived there and after that, why I'd be putting 2 schools located there on my list. Well, I'm a woman, and we reserve the right to change our mind at any given moment. Just kidding, that's not the actual reason. Not really. The actual reason is because I've been giving New York new thought recently. I don't know why, but something makes me want to go back. Of course, I'd do things very differently this time. Not that last time was so terrible, it was a great experience that I wouldn't want to change... but I also wouldn't want to repeat. For one thing the job security while you're an intern? Very bad indeed. Working part time as a reservationist at a restaurant also won't be paying all of your bills. And moving up to a city where you know no one at all? Quite difficult actually. Add to it the pressure exerted from young Brooklynites which makes you feel oddly undervalued and overdressed and the whole experience can be a bit... unpleasant. Regardless of these negative points I also had some really great moments. And it is the memory of these, combined with the exciting thrill of the city as well as the prospect of having an actual purpose for being there that makes me want to give it another go. But if not, Stanford and London are quite nice too. Perhaps even better. I suppose we'll see, won't we? I've still got at least a year and a half to change my mind again.

Friday, January 09, 2009


I don't think you understand how DULL my job is. Do you realize what it takes to do my job? Basically a robot could do my job with equal skill. Occasionally do I get to use the degree for which I attended 4 years of college to obtain. And that usage? Consists of debating over the placement of a comma. Fuck it, I'll put in a million commas if I want. I LIKE THEM. The rest of my time is spent in the completion of menial jobs. The likes of which compare only to the hours I put in stuffing envelopes in a cubicle as a volunteer for my mother's stupid friend's non-profit.
I staple. I fold. I cut on the dotted line. And while I am performing these skills that we recently bought a machine to do ( seriously, we have a machine that folds paper. I could have cried with joy the day we plugged it in.) I LIKE TO WATCH MOVIES and dream of a better life. I like to chat with my friends and remind myself that it is temporary. That one day this job will end and I will be happy when it does. Secretly I hope the president will shut you down, prefering to make love, not bombs. Michelle is pretty damn good looking. And you are not. You are dull and gray and you have taken away 90% of what makes this job tolerable for me. My ability to watch a movie or tv show and talk to people that I love. If I could, I would quit you right now out of principal. But I can't. I'm stuck here because where else will I find a job that is so dull that I look forward to school starting so I have homework to do? And one that pays for me to go to said school. I'm stuck here for the next 7 months at least. BUT THEN I WILL BE GONE. And I will watch all the movies I like.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Countdown to End of First Semester

So for my Theories of Comparative Literature course we have to write 8 one page "journals" based on one of four questions the professor gives us. These questions are meant to stimulate thinking and to get you to express your opinions but its only one page so its not very scary. You have 3 options to not turn one in. Maybe I should have numbered them because I lost count of which ones I'd done and ended up doing all of my 8 already, so worried was I that I'd not turn one in and get marked down. Sounds good, right? I have an extra bi week to not worry about it. Well, kinda. Except he also has a mandatory one for the week of Thanksgiving, since he's giving us that Tuesday off. So while everyone else does 8 I'll have done 9. Oh well, it wasn't the worst.

The worst is realizing you only have three more weeks to write your 20 page paper for Sense of Place and half your research isn't finished. And that you have a book to finish for that class, reading to do for Theories, a small paper due in that class, a presentation in both and a final in Comp. On what I don't know yet.

Annnnnd, now I'm officially worrying. This comes before the freaking out and panicked breaths. But not much before.

In other news I looked up University College of London's PhD programs in Comparative Literature. The odds are looking up.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


You did it. I am so proud. I can't believe we actually pulled it off. No contests, either. WHOOOOOOOO. Who would have thought it??? I remember crying four years ago, hearing Kerry's concession. I honesly can't believe it. And I am so proud of Virginia. YOU did it! (Ok, obviously I'm a little drunk. On hope. Duh. ) 

But can I say one thing?? Ok, here it is: DON'T FUCK THIS UP!!!!!! Seriously, dudes. Whenever one party ends up in power you all seem to get some crazy ego trip, as if you don't seem to realize that if you screw it up WE WILL UNELECT you. Yes. It's a fact. Don't disappoint. PLEASE. I want change. I really really do. But I don't want you to end up corrupt, like the Republicans always seem to do. Please, we need change, we want change. We deserve change. GIVE US CHANGE. But don't abuse it. Okay? Thanks, Meredyth

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Slight Exaggeration of My Ruined Future

So there is a class I'd like to take next fall. It's Composition Instruction. Or, how to teach composition to students. Why would I want to take such a boring sounding class? Well because I've got it in my head that I can teach at NVCC, or the NOVA community college next fall. And because it would prepare me for all sorts of fun things like 'how to make a syllabus' 'how to record grades' 'how to plan classes'. All things I need if I want to teach at all, and especially if I want to teach next fall. A classmate of mine does this and I'm a bit jealous. So we've been discussing my options after class every evening.
Well registration began Monday morning at 9 a.m. And being the anal retentive grad student I am, I was sitting in front of my computer with the browser window up, all ready to go at 8:58 a.m. And being very impatient about it. I got the other class I'm trying to take next fall. But this one? ERROR. Apparently I need department permission to take this class. I write an email to the professor and call my lovely, lovely English department lady who solves all sorts of problems for us. She said it was for MFA students (who get all the sweet deals at Mason) this sememster. The other MA's get it in the fall. Well I tried to take it in the fall, it was filled. And incompatible with my schedule. She said if the professor let me in I could take it but it was up to her. Or him. Terry is a very ambivalent name.
So I sit and wait impatiently to hear back from the professor, all the time thinking of HOW THIS COULD RUIN MY PLANS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Yeah. If I don't get this class I won't get the NVCC job, my resume will look weak, I won't have as much experience teaching as I'd like, I'll get rejected from all the PhD programs I want and end up at a subpar school, with a subpar education and land a subpar job. Ok, maybe I'm overreacting. But I REALLY, REALLY want to teach. Next fall.
I FINALLY get a response from her/him today. Basically saying it's for MFA only and I can just be patient and take it next fall. S/he didn't say that exactly but that's how I took it. So I wrote back in my most professional and polite voice that, yes, I understood it was for MFA, but as I have this teaching opportunity next fall at NVCC I think it would really benefit me NOW! and that I don't want to exclude anyone from the class but if it isn't full wouldn't she pretty pretty please let me take the class?
Next plan: cupcakes.

Friday, October 31, 2008

A Short Letter to GMU's Parking Office

Good afternoon, I would like to appeal my citation based on the fact that I am purchasing a permit from GMU immediately. Since I am purchasing a permit at $200 and the GMU community is making a $125 profit compared to what it would make if I were paying the $75 citation I feel that the difference justifies overturning my citation. Additionally I am unable to pay both, and would prefer to be able to afford a permit, as it will prevent this from happening again. In summation, since I am currently purchasing a permit, and GMU would profit more from this transaction than the other, I argue that overturning this citation would benefit both the GMU community and myself. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

You've Got To Be Kidding!

For some reason unbeknowst to me (wait, stop, don't you love that word?) my company gave me a bonus. I know, right? The corporate world is amazing! I sit here and chat (or at least, I used to) and do homework, read for class, watch tv and movies AND YET I GET A BONUS?! If I didn't hate the corporate world so much I'd sign up for keeps. My boss even shoke my hand and told me it was for work well done. Please tell me what work?

Ok, yes, I do slack off a lot-- only because half the time they give us no work to do. And when there is work I put my own stuff aside to get it done as soon as I can. I feel it's only fair. But, I feel as though I have now received a what was it? a moral mandate! that says I can keep watching movies while folding 1,000 brochures. YES, 1,000. It's only fair when said brochure features a rosy-cheeked young G.W. Bush that while doing it I get to watch things like Cool Hand Luke and think about breaking out.